ABB T3N100TW, 100 Amp, 3 Pole, 25kA Molded Case Breaker

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ABB T3N100TW,  100 Amp, 3 Pole, 25kA Molded Case Breaker

Tmax T3 is the first circuit breaker which carries 225 A in considerably smaller overall dimensions compared to any other similar device – a large step forward for this type of breaker.

The T3 breaker family ranges from 60 through 225 amperes. The T3 trip units are non-interchangeable and use the very latest technology in electromagnetic relays for overcurrent trip protection. Thermal overload protection is provided by heat sensitive bimetals. Short circuit protection begins at 10 times the thermal rating of the breaker using a precise magnetic coil. State of the art construction in contacts and arcing chambers aid in limiting damaging fault currents through the protected circuits.

Double insulation
Tmax has double insulation between the live power parts (excluding the terminals) and the front of the
apparatus where the operator works during normal operation of the device. The placement of each electrical
accessory is completely segregated from the power circuit, preventing any risk of contact with live
parts and the operating mechanism is completely insulated from the powered circuits.
Furthermore, the circuit breaker has oversized insulation, both between the live internal parts and
in the area of the connection terminals. In fact, the distances exceed those required by the IEC Standards
and comply with the UL 489 Standard

Positive operation
The operating lever always indicates the precise position of the moving contacts of the circuit breaker,
thereby providing safe and reliable signals, in compliance with IEC 60073 and IEC 60417-2 Standard
(I = Closed; O = Open; yellow-green line = Open due to protection trip). The circuit breaker operating
mechanism is trip free regardless of the pressure on the lever. Protection tripping automatically opens the
moving contacts: to close them again the operating mechanism must be reset by pushing the operating
lever from the tripped position into the reset position.

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