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IDEC HE2G Series Lightest Dead Man Switches
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Model Number: HE2G-21SH Factory Stock  
 IDEC HE2G Series Lightest Dead Man Switches
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The world’s smallest & lightest grip switch in its class, HE2G is here !

Designed to work comfortably in your hand, our lightweight HE2G grip switches feature a curved grip ideal for operators with small hands or narrow work areas. At the same time, a lighter operating force ensures stressfree operation and tactile clicking feedback allows for easy recognition of switch operation when shifting between positions.
But, HE2G grip switches offer more than just comfort and ease-of-use. Dual enabling contacts with a separate actuator for each contact mean HE2G grip switches also ensure a high level of security. In fact, you can acheive Category 4 safety levels by using this switch with an IDEC safety relay module or safety controller. Grip Switches are a critical part of machine safety. They are used as “deadman” switches and are required in order for a company to provide a safe working environment inside a machine guard. Depending on your needs, HE2G grip switches can be equipped with different types of control units, providing a wide selection of available options. Wire-saving internal connectors and solder terminal connections can also be selected. All HE2G grip switches are UL recognized, CE marked and have an IP67 degree of protection.


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