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2 Gas Based Generators You Didn’t Know About
Monday, January 29, 2018

Among many of the technologically advanced generators which are seen flooding markets all over the world, gas operated generators still remain a favorite for many industries. One of the many reasons why these conventional power sources are still found in several plants and facilities is due to their affordability and power generation capacity.

Electrical generators are far more expensive and difficult to operate than gas based generators.

Below are the two most common types of gas based generators that many people don’t know about as gas generators are usually believed to be running on the same power supply which is natural gas.

Propane Gas

Propane is used as a generator power supply in both liquid and vaporized forms. It is famous for having an extensive shelf life which lasts much longer than other traditional generators running on diesel or gasoline. The gas is also effortlessly stored in any amount and is easily obtainable even for the duration of power disruptions.

Propane gas based generators produce very low toxic emission and is able to work under even humid conditions. The latter quality makes it a better option over diesel fueled generators which aren’t able to function if subjected to moisture and wet stacking.

However, just as all good things have some faults, propane generators also have some drawbacks, such as:
  • Propane gas is stored under extreme pressure levels and is highly combustible.
  • The fuel arrangement is complicated and therefore there can be frequent system failures.
  • Propane gas based generators can only be installed by professional technicians as the gas lines need to be carefully installed.
  • Propane gas burns three times more than the quantity of fuel in a diesel engine.
Natural Gas

Another common generator power source is natural gas. Natural gas can be found in almost any location making it the most abundantly available power resource. With more and more natural gas deposits being discovered through fracking, it seems that there can be a nearly unlimited supply of gas. Natural gas based generators are known to produce the least waste and burn without severely impacting the nearby environment.

Also since the gas is easily accessible, these generators are priced reasonably less than some other generators. Natural gas generators can also operate during cold weathers and run at a higher speed which makes them stand out for plant owners worried about their winter productions.

Natural gas based generators also have a few disadvantages that might put off some buyers, some of these demerits are:
  • The generators are not portable since they acquire their power directly from the gas lines which are fitted permanently.
  • The gas line installation also renders higher installation costs.
  • Natural gas based generators can also be dangerous if the gas lines ever break or cause a leak. 
The above mentioned generators are the most common gas based generators found in plants across the country. To know which generator suits your needs visit Midwest Equipment.


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