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Applications of Programmable Logic Controllers
Friday, November 30, 2018

Programmable logic controller or PLC is a special device used mostly in automated industrial systems. Exceptional functionality, robust construction, simple programming, ease of usage and reliable controlling features have made PLCs more popular than any other special-purpose computer in the industrial world. Many industries also use the term ‘PC’ to refer to programmable logic controllers.

The PLC is mostly used for industrial purpose, but civil applications like washing machines, traffic signals and elevators also employ this special-purpose computer. Different varieties of PLCs are available from a number of quality manufacturers like Midwest Equipment. In this post, we’ll discuss PLC applications in the glass sector and highlight examples of everyday systems that are controlled through PLCs.

Glass Industry

In the glass sector, programmable logic controllers are being used since 1980. PLCs are mainly used to control the ratio of material and production assembly line, process flat glasses and other purposes.

For glass production, bus technology is used for constructing a PLC’s control mode and the control system is distributed. The system deals with data recoding and analog control. PLCs are also used for position control and quality control.

Applications in Everyday Life

Automatic Car Wash

In gas stations, you may have come across an automatic car wash station where you just need to take your car and the system will start automatically. Your car is blasted with high pressure water combined with cleaning agents while spinning wipers scrub the dirt off the surface of your vehicle. Every individual process is carefully controlled to ensure an effective wash. PLCs make these systems possible.


Almost every multi-floor building has an elevator. You press the button in the elevator and it automatically takes you to your desired floor. Have you ever wondered how an elevator works? How it is being controlled? There is a special PLC in an elevator that detects the requested floor and directs the elevator towards the required direction. Sets of logical instructions are loaded into the elevator’s PLC to control it.

Conveyor Belts

You may have come across a conveyor belt at a supermarket where it moves your items into the cashier’s reach. That conveyor belt is controlled with the help of a programmable logic controller. Conveyor belts at airports or manufacturing industries where they optimize production are also controlled through PLCs. They can be programmed depending on the requirement.

Roller Coasters

The thrill of riding a roller coaster is unmatched. But, how are the roller coasters controlled? PLCs are used for that purpose. PLCs bring the roller coaster upwards before a drop and are also used to ensure that the coaster doesn’t go in the opposite direction.

PLCs are being used in many applications nowadays mostly for controlling purposes. If you are in need of quality PLCs, contact Midwest Equipment!


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