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Hoffman Announces New Fan/Filter Line
Friday, June 10, 2016

Hoffman Announces New Fan/Filter Line

HOFFMAN Filter Fans: New Look, New Features, New Certification!

Hoffman is excited to be the first to create and market Type 12 UL/cUL Listed Filter Fans for use with electrical enclosures ! Underwriters Laboratories has created a new category that allows enclosure accessories like filter fans to now be certified as a UL/cUL Listed component. Hoffman’s new filter fans are currently the first and only filter fans to be approved to have this new certification. Having this new certification enables us to better serve our OEM and Panel Shop customers by saving them the time and money required to obtain it on their own, when their specific applications or projects require it.

New Product Features

Easy-Grip Tab: Located at the top of the filter fan grille covers, the Easy-Grip tab enables customers to quickly access the filter media for maintenance with the mere flick of a finger.

Hinged Cover: Grille covers are now attached via hinges to enable the covers to remain attached when opened , preventing potential damage that may result when separated from the housing.

Aesthetics: Our new filter fans have been designed with better aesthetics to more attractively blend in with the enclosures to which they are attached. The new filter fan models have unique smart catalog model numbers similar to the current SF/ST/SR catalog model numbers; however the first character will now begin with an “H” instead of an “S”.

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