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How Can I Stop My Smoke Detector from Beeping?
Monday, July 2, 2018

Midwest Equipment; vfd;vfds;circuit breakers,din rail circuit breakers, mini breakers, contactors, overloads,fuses,fuseholders, terminal blocks, power supplies, din mount power suppliesWhile they mostly stay out of your mind, smoke alarms and smoke detectors play a big part in keeping your home and family safe. But while they’re pretty necessary, they can also be one of the most annoying things on this green Earth when misbehaving or malfunctioning. Is your detector beeping ceaselessly? The team at Midwest Equipment is here to help you figure out the problem!

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The Mostly Good News About Detector Beeping

The upside is that the consistent beeps or chirps you’re dealing with can only be caused by a small set of situations that are preprogrammed into the device. Smoke alarms are considered to be rather simple overall and can be worked on by the home owners themselves in some cases. This means that not a whole lot can actually go wrong and even if it does at some point you need to relax and understand that it is not an expensive piece of equipment and can be replaced rather inexpensively. Let’s start with the simplest causes and work our way down:

It could be a battery issue.

Even new smoke alarms that are installed directly into your house electrical and wiring usually tend to have a backup battery installed, these back ups are usually long lasting. But if this battery is bad or incorrectly installed, or if the battery placement is not clean, the alarm will beep and would continue to beep until the issue is resolved. To get a better idea of what may or may not be setting your alarm off it would be advised for you to call your local Cincinnati electrical wizards and have them take a long hard gander at things. An alternative solution would be to change the battery, and ensure the connection and the mount is clean and does not clog the sensors.

It might have gotten stuck.

Modern smoke alarms have very tiny and simplistic components out of which the processor and memory systems are key therefore there is a chance that it may be either of the two malfunctioning. These can, almost rarely, get stuck on an error code (like a dead battery) which might cause the alarm to beep. There should be a test button inside the detector this is often located under the battery. What you need to do now is unplug the device and dismount the alarm, then hold down the test button for a full 20 seconds. This would ease the constant tinnitus threat.

Do you clean your smoke alarms?

Both types of smoke and fire alarms, ionization and photoelectric, are pretty sensitive, this means that they could be set off from just having clogged sensors too. It’s a good idea to use pressurized air cans (the same stuff you use to keep your keyboards clean) in order to keep the sensors free of debris.

The team at Midwest Equipment is here to help you with all your electrical problems at all times! So book yourself a consultation now!


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