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Metal or Plastic? How About Neither? The New Age of Enclosures
Monday, August 6, 2018

Choosing an enclosure is not as straightforward as some might think - it can be complex and complicated beyond your wildest imaginations. It depends mainly on the function you need it to perform as then you can decide on the type of material that would best be suited to your case. Ideally the metal or plastic enclosures would do well to contain the element, but with rising concerns on emissions and the toxic nature of plastic people have been turning to alternatives that would incorporate green designs that highlight the importance of the purpose along with ensuring total safety.

Antimicrobial Enclosures

One of the more exotic variations is a range of medical enclosures that are basically designed to attack the causes of infection on the material. In suitable environmental conditions, the bacteria settle and await their next meal. They form strongly growing cultures which start spreading to corners of the biofilm ensuring safety. These cultures enjoy a certain environmental humidity and continue to increase there, making sure the device is enclosed safely and that the only means of accessing this box would actually eliminate the bacteria on that part of the surface and continue quickly before it respawns. If they are in contact with humans, they may have a rather toxic effect. This process is similar with fungus spores which can be used to inflict certain degrees of damage. Surfaces covered with sterione destroy the infestation.

Midwest Equipment; vfd;vfds;circuit breakers,din rail circuit breakers, mini breakers, contactors, overloads,fuses,fuseholders, terminal blocks, power supplies, din mount power suppliesMedical enclosures are usually made of ROTEC ASA EXP1927, an ASA material which contains the sterione capable of destroying the bacteria on biofilm, the active substance that allows controlled release of high activity ions. These ions attack the metabolic systems of microbes so they can no longer breed, and then die out.

The action is permanently effective as the material's specific properties remain practically unchanged. This means the product surface has a permanent antimicrobial effect – even after machining of holes and cut outs for connectors and switches. The enclosures meet JIS Z 2801/ISO 22196 which is the local standard for such equipment.

They are suitable for any application where clean sterile or relatively sterile surfaces are required or where an item is handled frequently by different people – in order to reduce transmission of infections. This is definitely next gen space tech to be implemented soon.

Biodegradeable Enclosures

Originally designed as a biodegradable alternative to polystyrene, it has similar mechanical characteristics and therefore is a rather good substitute. Cellulose, which is mostly provided by wood is the main component of vegetable cell walls and can be used to develop different materials. This is usually done by reacting cellulose with acetates, producing cellulose ester, used as synthetic fiber and as a plastic fiber depending on the consistency of it.

BIOGRADE compounds are preferably disposed of in an industrial composting environment. Or alternatively, landfill or incineration is possible. Making sure that the material does not sit around the planet as is the case with the Pacific Plastic Chunk.

The applications are the same as for our standard enclosures – this is a green alternative to plastic as well as using wooden materials to encase certain units.

To see which material best suits you, one can always schedule a consultation with the experts.


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