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Miniature Circuit Breakers: Type C & D
Friday, August 31, 2018

Other than the Type B, there are two other major types of Miniature Circuit Breakers in the market. These types are rather robust compared to MCB Type B’s.

Type C MCB Or The Hybrid Variable

Type C Circuit BreakerThis is a type of MCB that is used in both the commercial applications as well as industrial applications. They are designed to trip only after bearing a current capacity almost ten times their rated currents. Commonly employed for use in cases where they have to tolerate high inductive loads, where switching surges are high. High surge equipment can be appliances like fluorescent lights as well as small motors.

These are basically small devices that tend to use variable amounts of electricity over time. Cases like this basically employing, type C MCBs are sensible and can handle higher level of short circuit currents which can burn through some. This makes them rather suitable for use in cases where the installation is done in either high consumption commercial appliances. This is because the main use for this device was for industrial purposes. But with these growing electrical requirements and compact devices they make it possible to execute tougher tasks using lesser efforts but at the cost of a lot of electricity passing through the device.

Type D MCB Or Also known as the Industrial MCB

Type D Circuit BreakerThis type of Miniature Circuit Breaker would only trip instantly when dealing with electricity at a capacity ten to twenty five times higher than its rated current. They are commonly made use of in cases employing very high inductive electrical capacities. These are cases where there is a higher inrush current and is rather common in the case. These type D MCBS would therefore easily hold their own in such a case as compared to the other two types.

This makes them perfect candidates for industrial equipment and industrial installations are concerned. These industries usually involve some of the best equipment therefore have high electrical use making them consume large amounts of electricity. A common list of examples of such applications usually includes UPS systems, X-ray machines, large motors, industrial welding equipment etc.

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