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Non-Contact Safety Switches
Monday, September 3, 2018

Midwest Equipment; vfd;vfds;circuit breakers,din rail circuit breakers, mini breakers, contactors, overloads,fuses,fuseholders, terminal blocks, power supplies, din mount power suppliesThese switches are basically low-maintenance and high intelligence solutions which are making their way into common factories. These are solutions which make possible a low maintenance solution without losing functionality of the product. It should be strong enough to withstand most functionality problems.

Non-contact safety switches were basically designed to create convenience in the smartest ways. It is to be ideal in applications where precise guidance of guards is difficult. This would mean there has to be a certain level of protection involved here.

Due specifically to their unique design, they are extremely long-lasting devices that require minimal maintenance. This means they are easy to look after along with very safe to use even in the case of a complete amateur on the floor.

The reason they are preferred highly above its competitors is that it has the potential to tolerate rough use. It is designed in a way that makes it resistant to shocks and vibrations which can damage most equipment. This also makes them a rather useful piece of device that cannot be tampered with. The housing is almost perfectly sealed which makes it impossible to penetrate and tamper with on that front too.

Our range of non-contact safety switches includes magnetic, transponder and inductive safety switches. These are all vital components that can be incorporated with features from the wireless noncontact switch and then use to operate it without the slightest hassle.

The idea for this device is to be smooth transition between turning devices on and off. As long as the sensor is intact the device will function properly ensuring there is proper use and employment of the component. The device is robust, which is a plus point for the common use as accidents in industries happen. But if this device was part of one it would still sustain minimal damage and be functional afterwards.

Rectangular and cylindrical types are available for each sensor principle.

The IN4000 Standard
  • Safe, wireless location monitoring
  • A clocked safety output allowing for a direct connection of sensors to a safety controller
  • IP67 or IP69K enclosure rating which means it is standard and strong
  • Response range up to 15 mm which means it is sensitive allowing for better precision
  • LED status indicator which highlights when it may be in use and when not.
  • Up to performance level PL e (EN ISO 13849) which is a sufficiently high standard of safety and manufacturing capacity.
  • Safe series connection of sensors possible
These are some of the most reliable products in the market dealing with wireless tech. This is one of those products that can deal with line loads of work as well as handle high pressure situations. The wireless components are highly sensitive despite how strong and stable their outsides are allowing for a heightened level of precision. For any and all questions pertaining to wireless tech implementation or otherwise, please feel free to book a consultation with the experts.


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