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The Importance of Relays
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The human brain constantly stays vigilant and watches out for threats so it can take action at the slightest sight of danger. For example, if you are cutting wood using an automatic saw and a small piece of wood flies towards your eye, the brain will send a signal to your eye and your eyelids will immediately cover your eye to protect it. A tiny stimulus in this case provokes a much bigger response from the brain. The same mechanism can be found in different electrical appliances and machines where sensors stay alert for switching them off or on at a moment’s notice with the help of relays.

Relays are Better Than Ordinary Switches

One may argue that ordinary switches can be used to turn a machine or electrical appliances on or off. So, why use relays? Relays are much better than ordinary switches because:

Peak Performance

A relay provides the shortest path between the device and the battery controlled through it. Combined with a gauge wire, the path minimizes the drop in voltage between the device and the battery. Thus, the device can function at better performance levels.

Controlling Multiple Devices

A single switch can be used to control multiple devices when relays are used. Having a single switch for turning off everything in an emergency situation is safer as well as more convenient. If you want a clean-looking system, you can place one switch with multiple relays instead of making things messy with bulky switches.

No Overload

If you want to use vehicle’s switches and stock wiring for controlling aftermarket parts, like lighting, relays are ideal. Relays won’t overload or stress those components. Relays can handle more current than an ordinary switch.

Using Relays

An interesting application of relays is an electrically operating cooling system where a fan switches on/off as the temperature of the room changes. An electronic thermometer may be used for sensing the temperature in the system. However, it wouldn’t produce current sufficient enough to run the motor in the fan. Instead, the circuit of the thermometer can be connected to a relay’s input circuit. When low current flows in the circuit, the output circuit of the relay will automatically activate and a much higher current will flow to turn the fan on.

Protective relays are used in electrical transmission lines and power plants, because they trip in case of a fault in the system. This prevents the issue from damaging other components. Electromagnetic relays were once mostly used for such purposes. However, now electronic relays are used for the same task. They measure a circuit’s current or voltage and automatically take action when it exceeds the preset limit. For more information, contact the experts at Midwest Equipment today.


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