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The Types & Advantages of Using Timer Switch
Monday, April 2, 2018

A timer switch is a device that regulates electrical switches. This timer is installed near an electric socket and can only be connected to a circuit that has the ability to operate from the main power supply.

There are types of timer switches that are plugged into power outlets with other devices plugged into them instead of being plugged into the power source. For example, a timer switch that is used to turn off a television after an interval of several minutes is connected to the power source with the television set plugged into it.

Before we move on to the advantages of using timer switches, let’s first discuss their types. There are two types of timer switches:

1 - Manual Setting Timer Switch

Manual setting timer switch can be further classified into two types – digital or analog. These two types of timer switches allow you set on or off periods as many times as you wish within the period of 24 hours. These types of switches are used to control lights, water heaters and air conditioners.

2 - Factory Preset Type

Factory preset type timer switch gives you an option to select the time period for the off command. There are six choices of the on duration after which the device will turn off automatically. You can choose the on duration to be of 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes. This kind of switch is very useful for people who always forget to turn off the lights at their home or at their office premises.

Now let’s move on to the advantages of using timer switches. There are three main advantages of installing timer switches at your home:

1 - Convenience

One of the reasons why the homeowners must consider installing timer switches is that it’s able to control home appliances automatically. You and your family members do not have to worry about switching the lights off or turning the water heater on at a certain time. Also, if the members of your family, especially kids, are forgetful and usually leave the lights on, then you’ll benefit from these timer switches as well.

2 - Security

Timer switches also keep the burglars away, especially if your house is vacant and no one is at home. You can preset the time when the lights of your house will go on and off, and this would keep the suspicious people or intruders from breaking into your house.

3 - Economical

When you’re not at home, or are on a vacation you don’t have to leave the lights of your porch or driveway on the whole time. These switches will allow you to save your money on your energy bills.

These benefits are enough to convince a person to use timer switches. It’s a feature that can turn your living or working premises into smart ones. Midwest Equipment has the best variety of timer switches for all purposes available online for your convenience. If you’re considering purchasing some quality timer switches for your home or your workplace, then visit our online store today, browse the variety and go through all the detailed specifications to easily make an informed decision.


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