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The Use of Soft Starters and Its Advantages
Monday, April 16, 2018

A soft starter is a device that is in charge of controlling the acceleration of electric motors by the means of controlling the voltage applied. Technically speaking, a soft starter is a control system that is used to reduce the torque applied to an electric motor, because high starting torque causes damage to their mechanism. These soft starters consist of thyristors that are responsible for controlling the supply of voltage to a motor.

There are two essential components in a soft starter. Let’s first briefly discuss them before we move on to the advantages of using a soft starter.

1 - Power Switches

These switches are silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR) i.e. a thyrsitor. It is must that these power switches must be rated at least three times more than the line voltage to work effectively.

2 - Control Logic

Soft starters use PID controllers or microcontrollers as a logic system in order to control voltage supply to the SCRs. This is done to ensure that the SCRs work at the required supply of voltage.

Applications and Use of Soft Starter

Mostly these soft starters are installed in the pump or fan applications. But they can also be used in other motor applications that do not require speed control. Some of the common uses of soft starters are as follows:

Standard applications:

  • Fans

  • Pumps

  • Conveyor belts

  • Compressors

  • High feature applications:

  • Ventilators

  • Mixers

  • Milling machines

  • Stone crushers

Advantages of Using Soft Starters

Here are some of the basic benefits of using soft starters:

  • They provide smooth start by torque control which is needed for gradual acceleration of the system. This way it help prevents jerks and extends the life of mechanical components.
  • These starters reduce the starting current in order to achieve break-away and prevent electrical, mechanical and thermal weakening of the equipments like cables, motors, switch gear and transformers.

  • They enhance the motor starting duty by decreasing the rising temperature in the supply transformer and stator windings.

  • The microprocessor version of soft starters has a software controlled response that triggers at the maximum speed in order to economize the energy regardless of the load. This feature has benefits for most of the installations and not only for those motors which deal with variable load.

  • There’s another feature in these systems known as power factor improvement. This is a built in self monitoring feature which is useful when the motor is running at a less than full load and the current drawn by the motor is needlessly high because of magnetizing. Owing to this feature many high voltage related losses are mitigated.

The use of soft starters have made it possible to reduce energy costs, avoid high voltage and current related losses, and has led to the reduction in heating of motors and improving their operational efficiency. Midwest Equipment has the best variety of soft starters for multiple purposes available online for your convenience. So if the quality is your first priority when purchasing soft starters, then visit our online store today and place your order with utmost ease.


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