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Understanding Operator Interface
Friday, June 29, 2018

Technology and machines have eased our lives, considerably. They have blanketed us with comfort and efficiency. Humans have used technology and machines to achieve great feats and accomplish near- impossible tasks. To be able to effectively communicate with different machines, we use Operator Interface, also known as Human- Machine Interface (HMI) or Man- Machine Interface (MMI). This simple component acts like the intermediary between humans and machines. Using easy interface, people are capable of communicating with the machines effortlessly.

All of the manufacturing plants and factories heavily rely on machines and it is crucial to effectively monitor and control these machines. The software and the hardware components of the machine need to be easily accessible to the operator of the industrial machines. Industrial operator interface is connected with the machine so that qualified personnel within the factory can ensure that the industrial machines and equipment are working efficiently.

Operator Interface is used to control and properly coordinate the industrial process handled by machines. This operator terminal works like a dashboard, providing crucial information and updates about the system.

How Operator Interface Work

Operator interface can come in all shape and sizes. The design and the user interface can also vary. The design of the operator interface depends on several factors. Some of the aspects that are considered when designing a user interface are as follows:
  • The amount of information needed to operate the machine.
  • The amount of interaction and control the user needs for the machine.
  • The proximity of the operator interface to the machine.
  • The portability of the operator interface.
  • The designer can also ask whether the operator interface should be programmable.
  • The security protocol that the operator interface needs.
  • The ease of use of the system.
The Operator interface can be either touch pads or simple buttons and levers or complete computers with a key pad. Operator interfaces often have lights and sound signals to notify the operator about any errors or important notifications.

Operator interface are designed and programmed to meet the requirements of the industrial system and then connected to the machine. The operator is provided with relevant information on the operator interface machine so they can know about the running processes and be notified about any action that is required.

Where Are Industrial Operator Interface Mostly Used

Operator Interface can be used on a single machine, or it can be centrally connected to the whole process. The industrial operator interface is used with PLCs.

Several different industries make use of operator interface for their machines and also for monitoring and optimizing the process.
Residential uses of Operator interface are also gaining popularity. Residential operator interface usually controls the security, HVAC system and the sound system of the house.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a quality operator interface or any other electrical solution, then Midwest Equipment should be your first choice to procure high quality products with excellent service.


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