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What Are Unearthed Outlets & Why Are They Dangerous?
Friday, July 27, 2018

Safety is one of the main issues you would always hear electricians covering and trying to sell on a very regular basis. Why would this be the case though? Well to be perfectly clear, the means we are using to generate electricity are not exactly safe since naturally, electricity like fire can be very volatile. We’ve harnessed it, sure. But that still doesn’t mean things cannot go haywire.

Any amount of misuse can result in creating a potentially fatal dangerous situation that can range from fires to fatalities. This misuse we’re talking about is unfortunately pretty common.

Unearthed electrical outlets is one of the very common complications we would like to talk to you about. Not sure what an unearthed outlet is, or would like a quick recap? Don’t fret and don’t stress because your very own Midwest Equipment has you covered.

What Are Unearthed Outlets?

Having seen lots of unearthed outlets and never really having to know anything about it is pretty common. As a matter of fact the average American would not be able to tell the difference. In a standard domicile setup with relatively safe outlets you’ll see a “three prong configuration.” Two of these are longer openings and run up and down, while the last creates an almost circle under the top two. It’s that small one on the bottom that is important, because that is what makes the outlet a “grounded” one. The grounding or earthing node is very important and is part of the key contingency.

If something was to go wrong with the outlet, an overload of any kind, the earthing wire would release that charge “to the earth” or into the earthing wire.

Unearthed outlets were pretty much a standard piece of equipment until the mid 60s. This is when everyone realized that the unearthed wires couldn’t handle the safety needs of homeowners. In case you were pondering over this during the read, unearthed outlets are not considered up to code, they pose a real and fatal (not to mention expensive) threat. That’s why we strongly recommend consulting the experts on upgrading all your outlets and sockets.

Is it Hard to Replace Unearthed Outlets?

From the point of view of MidWest Equipment, it’s actually very simple, provided the wiring in your home is in good shape or it would just entail an extra step to rewire the house as needed. You can expect it easily to be a project that needs to be handled by a professional electrician this would be to ensure your safety. Since it requires direct contact with potentially dangerous wiring, you are recommended never to DIY on such projects, although the process can be handled and be done with in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Do you have unearthed outlets in your home? Is it time for an NEC code inspection? Why not call in your friends at Midwest Equipment and we shall be sure to give you the best deal possible along with unmatched skills. Contact Midwest Equipment today.


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