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  ABB T075LB4, 24″ X 24″ X 12″, 75HP Softstart For Extreme Duty

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ABB T075LB4, 24" X 24" X 12" 75HP Softstart For Extreme Duty.

For ordinary jobs, the ABB series starters provide smooth reduced voltage starting. For those occasions and applications that go beyond the ordinary, the PST Extreme Series enclosed starters go right along, too.Designed to perform reliably
in nearly any environment, on almost any application, the PST Extreme Series softstarters combine the best of ABB's wide range of industrial low voltage controls.
What’s Included:
Short Circuit protection
To handle the role of shortcircuit protection and disconnect, the PST Extreme series counts on the T-Max and Isomax molded case circuit breakers (MCCB’s). ABB MCCB’s deliver big performance in small packages.
Emergency start bypass
For routine bypass or starting in event of an emergency, the PST Extreme series relies on the highly acclaimed AF contactor series. The AF series contactors are designed for reliable performance under the most adverse conditions. All AF contactors feature a wide voltage range electronic coil. In addition to extremely low pull-in and holding power requirement, the low (55%) dropout voltage prevents damaging chattering and insures consistent operation in poor power quality conditions.
Redundant Electronic Overload
Every PST softstarter features an adjustable electronic overload. The PST Extreme Series softstarters (50HP and larger) go one step further and come equipped with the ABB “E” range of adjustable electronic overloads. Used only in the event of emergency bypass operation, these overload feature four classes of trip curves to insure the motor protection level matches the application demands.
The PST Softstarter
Designed for heavy-duty use and performance the ABB PST is optimized for extreme duty. While most softstarters offer voltage ramp starting, the PST series does more. By using closed loop current control in addition to voltage ramping the PST helps get every bit of performance from even weak power systems. Built and tested to provide 500% rated current for 30 seconds, using the PST means that typical applications can be sized based on Motor HP without resorting to complex, application based de-rate tables. Just check the Motor HP and Voltage, get the part number and order. The Often Overlooked Details Overlooked little things can lead to big problems and so the PST Extreme Series pays attention to the details. Besides the major components every PST extreme series enclosed softstarter ships with:
• A UL 508A Label
• A UL Service entrance rating
• A door mounted ABB Hand-off-auto switch (NEMA 4 rated)
• Three (3) vibration resistant, LED type pilot lights (NEMA 4 rated)
• A door interlocked disconnect handle (NEMA 4 rated)
• Padlockable and Defeatable

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