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  IDEC FT1A-M12RA-B ,3.7" PLC+HMI, Mono Block, Black Bezel


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IDEC FT1A-M12RA-B , Smart Axis Touch Product, 12 I/O, 24VDC With Monochrome Touch Screen And Black Bezel

3.7″ HMI + 12 I/O PLC
Embedded Ethernet Port
IP66f, NEMA 4X, 13
Brightness 700 cd/m2
Modbus TCP and RTU
Seamless interface with other PLCs
USB for Data Logging & Program Update
Built-in 2pt Analog Inputs
2 x 10 KHz HSC
Built-in RS485 and RS232C Ports
10A Relay Contacts
Embedded RTC
USB Mini-B programming port
Class 1 Div. 2 Hazardous Locations
IDEC is pleased to introduce new controllers designed specifically for limited I/O applications while still equipped with powerful and abundant features. The new SmartAXIS line of controllers from IDEC provides a cost-effective solution, giving customers more for less. The SmartAXIS inherited popular features such as built-in analog inputs, 10 Amp Relay outputs, a built-in Real Time clock, an embedded LCD screen and keypad, which are found in the SmartRelay and have the process capabilities of a micro PLC. SmartAXIS is available as a 3.8” HMI with 12 I/O PLC (HMI + PLC) called SmartAXIS Touch and 12, 24, 40, and 48 I/O PLCs.

Introducing the first ever IDEC HMI + PLC, the 3.8” SmartAXIS Touch is available in 65K TFT color or Monochrome. SmartAXIS Touch is an All-in-One Touchscreen interface and logic controller packed in a compact body that is big in features. It is perfect for small systems that require a user graphical interface and limited I/O controls. SmartAXIS Touch uses our new WindO/I-NV3 programming software, which can be upgraded free for existing WindLDR and WindO/INV2 users. WindO/I-NV3 is built on the same platform as WindO/I-NV2, making it intuitive and easy-to-use.
• HMI Features
The 3.8” resistive touchscreen is equipped with 65K
TFT color and a brightness of 400cd/m2 or a monochrome model with 8 shades and a super bright screen of 700cd/m2. The SmartAXIS Touch has an embedded RS232C/RS422/RS485 interface terminal for communication with other serial devices or Modbus RTU communications; USB Type A port for maintenance communication; and USB mini Type B port for data logging and recipe data. The built-in RJ45 Ethernet port also allows users to remotely connect to the unit. Modbus TCP is also supported. Like other similar IDEC touchscreens, SmartAXIS Touch can be mounted horizontal or vertically and has 5MB of programming memory. It is IP66f (watertight and oiltight) rated and available with a silver, light gray or dark gray bezel.
SmartAXIS Controllers
SmartAXIS Controllers are available with 12 (8 inputs, 4 outputs), 24 (16 inputs, 8 outputs), 40 (24 inputs, 16 outputs, and 48 I/O (30 inputs, 18 outputs) with and without embedded LCD/keypad. Each CPU is equipped with 2 to 8 point 0-10V DC analog inputs, an embedded real time clock, 10A relay contacts, 4 to 6 High Speed Counters up to 100KHz, and a USB mini B programming port. The 24, 40 and 48 I/O CPU is also equipped with an embedded Ethernet port for remote connectivity and Modbus TCP communications. An optional RS232 or RS485 adapter is also available for connection to other serial devices, such as an IDEC HMI and Modbus RTU communications. The 40 and 48 I/O CPU also have an embedded SD memory slot for data logging.
Embedded Smart LCD screen
Imagine the possibilities users can implement with the embedded LCD screen on the SmartAXIS controllers. The screen, with 24 digits by 8 lines, allows users to configure up to 50 Messages for alarms and system status. Not to mention, text messages, dynamic data registers and vertical/horizontal bar graphs can also be configured and displayed. With a built-in keypad, operation menu and PLC parameters can be easily controlled and edited. On top of that, Ladder Logic can be displayed and controlled; a unique feature with the SmartAXIS controllers. Text messages can also be configured for scrolling and flashing.
Embedded Ethernet Port (not available on 12 I/O CPU)
SmartAXIS controllers are equipped with an integrated RJ45 Ethernet port for remote connectivity. Using WindLDR and WindO/I-NV3 software, programs can be easily monitored and updated remotely. Modbus TCP is also supported on the Ethernet port. Note: Remote I/O will be available with the next firmware release, which will be available soon.
SD Memory Slot (40 and 48 I/O CPU)
The SD Memory slot on the 40 I/O and 48 I/O SmartAXIS controllers can be used to log data and save in .csv format. The saved data can be retrieved remotely over Ethernet. This is extremely useful for applications that need to log critical data for record keeping and back up purposes. A memory card up to 32 GB is supported.
Built-in Analog Inputs
The 12, 24, 40, and 48 I/O SmartAXIS controllers are equipped with 2, 4, 6 or 8 0-10V DC 10-bit (0-1000) resolution analog inputs respectively. Since the analog inputs are built-in, the need for additional analog modules is eliminated, also resulting in a lower system cost.
Built-in Real Time Clock
Every SmartAXIS controller is equipped with embedded real time clock for date stamp and time-based applications. It also supports Daylight Savings Time for US, Canada, Europe, Australia and is user configurable. The addition of SmartAXIS controllers to our existing family of SmartRelay and FC5A MicroSmart Pentra controllers allows you to be more competitive than ever in the low to medium I/O controls market. SmartAXIS is an innovative and unique controller with competitive pricing that will allow you to aggressively compete in many applications.
Automation Organizer version 2.0
In conjunction with the release of SmartAXIS, Automation Organizer software suite version 2.0 has been upgraded to support the SmartAXIS series. Automation Organizer version 2.0 now includes our intuitive WindLDR to program all IDEC PLCs including the new SmartAXIS controllers, WindO/I-NV2, WindO/I-NV3 for Smart- AXIS Touch and WindCFG software. Upgrade to AO v2.0 is FREE for current WindLDR and WindO/I-NV2 users.

Weight 2.00 lbs

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